The Init7 Global Backbone

Backbone infrastructure is at the heart of high-capacity Internet connections and high network availability. That’s why Init7 operates its own backbone with the AS number 13030.

Our backbone routers are situated at diverse locations worldwide and are connected to each other via multiple 10-Gigabit fiber-optic cables. With our redundant network structure and in collaboration with carefully selected international carriers, we ensure maximum reliability for our customers while delivering the lowest latency and highest capacity possible.

As a result of our Open Peering Policy, our backbone infrastructure is rounded off by around 3'000 direct peerings (direct connections to other networks) worldwide.


  • We currently reach speeds of up to 1’000Mbps (via copper) / 40’000Mbps (via fiber-optic cable) and guarantee an availability of over 99.5%
  • We reach around 60% of the global routing table through direct peerings via our backbone
  • We reach all other routes via globally distributed upstreams
  • Init7 currently peers with more than 3'000 partners and is a member of 26 Internet Exchanges
  • Our backbone is based upon redundant ring architecture
  • Our transit services deliver guaranteed bandwidth and are never overbooked