ADSL Business

Our ADSL Business service is ideal for business customers requiring higher bandwidth and fixed IP-addresses. This service is geared towards connecting corporate networks to the internet as well as for VPN connections.

ADSL Naked Business
Variant A

Max. 5000/500 Kbps

1 fixed IP-addresses

Service Level Silver

CHF 633.00 per year respectively CHF 192.00 per quarter

ADSL Naked Business
Variant B

Max. 5000/500 Kbps

8 fixed IP-addresses

Service Level Silver

CHF 1111.00 per year respectively CHF 297.00 per quarter

Contract details

  • Quarterly or yearly billing
  • Bandwidth: best effort
  • The GTC of Init7 govern the conclusion, content and fulfillment of this contract
  • Service Level (Business): Silver
  • Minimum contract: 12 months
  • Delivery time: ca. 14 working days
  • including native IPv6
  • inhouse installation: not part of the contract - needs to be done by an electirian of your choice
With IPv6

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