BGP Multihoming & BGP Engineering

Init7’s multihoming & engineering services are individual and tailored solutions, available to all companies with equipment at an Init7 PoP. Through the establishment of a secure connection to two Internet backbones, the service aims to deliver maximum security in the event of an Internet outage.

Advantages BGP Multihoming

  • Redundant Internet connection through BGP engineering, at a flat-rate price
  • Optionally, we carry out the administrative process of the RIPE membership registration as well as applying for your own IPv4 and IPv6 address space
  • Greater capacity through load balancing - traffic is distributed over two feeds
  • Thanks to this redundancy, even if one Internet feed falls out, your connection to the Internet remains uninterrupted, without any necessary manual intervention

BGP-Maintenance Subscription

The BGP-Engineering Subscription for your Multihoming-Infrastructure We monitor your BGP router(s), manage your peering- and transit-links (IPv4 and IPv6) and take care of traffic engineering, with careful consideration of your contractual bandwidth. If necessary, we also take care of any hardware updates, as well as managing your peering mailbox (by answering peering requests).

Take advantage of our all-inclusive BGP-Maintenance Subscription!

Technical Implementation

Multihoming & engineering services have been developed, as more and more companies deem a secure and scablable Internet connection to be crucial to daily business. Through the establishment of a redundant Internet connection (multihoming/dualhoming/load balancing), Init7’s technicians ensure that content is distributed over multiple networks and that the overload of any link is actively avoided.

Init7 offers engineering services by the hour, as a package for multihoming projects, or as an all-inclusive monthly BGP maintenance subscription.

Network Diagram

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