VDSL Business

Our VDSL Business is ideal for business customers with the need for high bandwidth and fixed IP addresses. This product is geared towards the affordable connection of your corporate network to the internet and for VPN connections.

VDSL Naked Business

Max. 10'000/1'000 Kbps

8 fixed IP-addresses

Service Level Silver

CHF 1111.00 per year respectively CHF 297.00 per quarter

VDSL Naked Business

Max. 50'000/10'000 Kbps

8 fixed IP-addresses

Service Level Silver

CHF 3333.00 per year respectively CHF 999.00 per quarter

Contract Details

  • IP address via DHCP
  • Bandwidth: best effort
  • Quarterly or yearly billing
  • Init7’s terms of business and service conditions apply
  • Service Level Silver
  • Minimum contract: 12 months
  • Delivery time: ca. 14 working days
  • including native IPv6
  • inhouse installation: not part of the contract - needs to be done by an electirian of your choice
With IPv6

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