Permanent and scalable Internet connections with high availability, for the connection of your private customers or for content – from all Init7 PoPs worldwide.

Init7 operates an international n*10Gbit IP-backbone with AS number 13030 (autonomous system). The AS13030 is located at around 20 Internet exchange points, where nearly 1000 further networks are so-called peering partners. This means that direct interconnections exist with all these other networks, enabling direct contact with approx. 60% of the global routing table. As a result, we can secure optimal connectivity, latency, capacity and availability. The remaining approx. 40% of the targets are connected via globally distributed upstreams.


  • Guaranteed bandwidth on redundant 10Gbit backbone (AS13030)
  • Flat or burstable rates, 100Mbps up to n* 10Gbps
  • IPv4 / IPv6 as required
  • Flexible upgrade options
  • BGP feed, full / partial table or static routing
  • Monitoring / statistics through Init7

The transit services on offer are delivered with guaranteed bandwidth (CDR) and are not overbooked. The capacity of our backbone peerings is permanently increased and adjusted according to demand.

A connection to our backbone requires that you are present with your equipment at one of our PoPs. Depending on your needs, you can also have IP-transit (full global routing table) or partial-transit (routes of our customers and peering partners). Attractive, competitive prices round off the IP-transit offer.

PoP Overview

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