Credits came into existence during the period from September 2016 to January 2017 in a collaborative, open-ended process with the involvement of the following individuals and companies:

Project Management, Content, Coordination
Init7, Andrea Schibli and Fredy Künzler

Artdirection, Corporate Design
Büro Ffax, Roland Krauer and Séan Kennedy

Marketing Consultancy
Jane Scherrer

Angelink, Markus Gabriel

ergonomie & technologie (e&t) GmbH, Daniel Felix

Sound ID, Sound Background When Callers Are On Hold
VisualMusic, Martin Villiger

Front-end Programming
Init7, Rowan Walker
bitbee solutions GmbH, Dave Avanthay and Laila Cursaro

Back-end Programming
Init7, Felix Marthaler, Fabio Rämi, René Birrer, Rowan Walker

Film and Photography
bürobureau, Andrin Winteler, Samuel Weber - Making-of video

The Bunnies
Hophasehop, Tess and Ursula Baggenstos

Translation Probst AG

Responsible for the content:

Init7 (Schweiz) AG
Technoparkstrasse 5
CH-8406 Winterthur