Decorative rabbits

Credits came into existence during the period from September 2016 to January 2017 in a collaborative, open-ended process with the involvement of the following individuals and companies:

Project Management, Content, Coordination
Init7, Andrea Schibli and Fredy Künzler

Artdirection, Corporate Design
Büro Ffax, Roland Krauer and Séan Kennedy

Marketing Consultancy
Jane Scherrer

Angelink, Markus Gabriel

ergonomie & technologie (e&t) GmbH, Daniel Felix

Sound ID, Sound Background When Callers Are On Hold
VisualMusic, Martin Villiger

Front-end Programming
bitbee solutions GmbH, Dave Avanthay and Laila Cursaro

Back-end Programming
Init7, Felix Marthaler, Fabio Rämi, René Birrer, Rowan Walker

Film and Photography
bürobureau, Andrin Winteler, Samuel Weber

The Bunnies
Hophasehop, Tess and Ursula Baggenstos

Translation Probst AG

Responsible for the content:

Init7 (Schweiz) AG
Technoparkstrasse 5
CH-8406 Winterthur

Making-of video