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Ticket: #6088
Title:Power Outage in 111 8th Avenue New York due to Hurricane Sandy
Duration:30.10.12 04:50 - 30.10.12 12:00
Severity (1-5):2

Due to the US east cost wheather conditions we observe our infrastructure in New York at 111 8th avenue unavailble, likely caused by a power outage in the TELX 111 8th Avenue datacenter. This causes possible routing issues from / to the United States.

Update 05:10 CET (04:10 GMT): Not all infrastructure is down. While connectivity to NYIIX and EQUINIX-NYC exchanges are still up, connectivity to Miami and Los Angeles is lost.

Update 12:00 CET (11:00 GMT): Connectivity to Miami and Los Angeles has been restored. Traffic is back to normal.

Reason for this incident was a power outage at Equinix Suites in 111 8th Avenue datacenter New York, which caused the failure of our suppliers equipment.


Current Outages


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