Fiber to the Building

Fibre to the Building and WiFi Infrastructure

Init7 is an expert at providing student dormitories, schools and large residential complexes with reliable, high-speed internet via fibre optics. We work with you to jointly develop transparent, custom 360-degree solutions at attractive prices.

These services are included

  • Support and maintenance by our technicians
  • Proactive service monitoring around the clock
  • Standard IPv6
  • Unlimited traffic

Case study: Swiss student housing

Realisation tasks:

  • Low cost per tenant
  • Reliable, no-failure service
  • Symmetrical profiles for fast uploading and downloading
  • Lowest possible administrative expense (planning, maintenance, billing):


  • Jointly developed, easily deployable system
  • Low monthly cost of around CHF 10.- per room
  • 100/100 Mbit/sec upload and download
  • Building management billed quarterly
  • Easy pass-on billing by inclusion in rent (or utilities)
  • Essentially maintenance-free

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