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Maximum speed at a fixed price

Wherever you are Init7 offers you the maximum performance possible from today’s technology at a fixed price that is virtually rock bottom. We call this our MaxFix guarantee. Even for a symmetrical 1 Gbit/sec connection the fixed price is no more than CHF 64.75/month.

About Init7

Init7 is a Swiss provider of broadband Internet, TV, data centre and engineering services with its registered office in Winterthur near Zurich. The company is one of Switzerland’s most technologically sophisticated Internet providers, having its own backbone and currently around 8,000 bilateral peering sessions.

Init7’s high-speed Internet offering Fiber7 delivers the fastest Internet speeds in Switzerland at 1 Gbit/sec downstream and 1 Gbit/sec upstream. In its TV offering TV7, Init7 currently broadcasts 170 TV channels, including over 70 in full HD quality with no latency (delay).

Offer February 2018

We’ll foot the bill for the setup fee!

You can benefit from our special offer at many locations and save the setup fee of CHF 155.–. See if your location is included:

Latest News

What is Init7’s stance on net neutrality?

Init7 is a staunch supporter of unrestricted net neutrality. We believe that it is not the internet service provider’s job to influence the data traffic of its customers, whether for commercial or technological purposes. That is why Init7 advocates for enshrining net neutrality in law.