We support you in each and every case

You should be happy with your Internet connection, even in the event of a problem. It is inconvenient when the Internet does not work. Unfortunately though, the Internet is a complex entity, and a glitch can have various causes. You can help us to quickly isolate a possible fault, before ringing us, by carrying out some self-service checks:


If absolutely nothing is working, have you tried restarting the router, media converter and computer?

Network status

Refer to our network status page: Any faults or planned maintenance will be published here.


Follow us at @init7, @fiber7_ch and @init7_noc for reports on issues, planned maintenance and other news.


Our FAQs: almost all queries will have been asked by someone before.


Network diagnosis: Traceroute and Looking Glass can be useful for diagnosing faults, but require some expertise.

E-Mail support

Please contact our team via e-mail at: (sales), (technical support) or (for queries regarding billing) and remember to provide your customer reference number and/or your OTO ID.


Our telephone helpline is there for you, Monday to Thursday from 9am-8pm, and Friday from 9am-5pm. Needless to say, it is our aim not to keep you waiting for long. Even though the hold music composed exclusively for Init7 by Martin Villiger makes it almost worth waiting…