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When you move house, we’ll come along with you

Change of address

You can also receive an Init7 service at your new location and will receive the maximum Init7 performance at the same fixed price. Please tell us your new address and the date you expect to move. It’s child’s play!

  • Let us know you are moving at your earliest possible convenience, indicating your new location and the date you expect to move with the «Relocation notice» form
  • We will clarify for you what technical infrastructure is available at your new location
  • You will receive an email from us outlining the service (service with the best possible broadband) and any associated costs, installation or hardware required
  • Once you have sent us the new contract, we will provide your new service
  • What happens to my internet connection if I move to a new address? more

Relocation notice

Change of subscriber

Are you moving, and would the new tenant like to continue using your current Init7 service? No problem. Proceed as follows:

  • Fill out the «Change of subscriber» form and let us know who the new tenant is
  • The subscriber can only be changed if the new subscriber takes over the exact same service without any interruption
  • Important: You and your new tenant must both sign the form, otherwise the change of subscriber (contract concerning cancellation) is invalid
  • The new tenant concludes a new contract with a minimum duration of 12 months when they fill out the form
  • Payments which have already been made will be credited to you from the takeover date

Change of subscriber

Benefits for the new subscriber

  • No setup fees (no need to pay CHF 155)
  • The Internet is already up and running; no delivery time

Benefits for the old subscriber

  • Init7 service can be cancelled early
  • Payments which have already been made are paid back pro rata