111 for you, 111 for Viola

Our customers benefit not only from full internet speed, but also from referral rewards.

For each referral, our customers receive a reward of CHF 111. Of course, their friends will not go away empty handed either: New Fiber7, Crossover7, Hybrid7 and Copper7 customers receive a CHF 111 discount on the hardware.

How it works

  1. As an Init7 customer you will find a personal referral code on your Init7 invoice. Share this code with your friends. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.
  2. Your friends enter your referral code in the "Referral code" field when ordering.
    To arrange a Business Internet subscription (only possible by telephone or via e-mail, the customer must provide your referral code when ordering.
  3. You will receive a credit of CHF 111.- on your next invoice. Your friends will receive a discount of CHF 111 on the hardware for their Fiber7, Crossover7, Hybrid7 or Copper7 subscription.
    You will receive a credit note of CHF 222.- for arranging a Fiber7 Business Internet subscription (agents only).

Conditions of participation

  • The referral program is open to customers who have a private Init7 subscription.
  • The referral reward is activated after the referred customer has paid his first Internet connection bill.
  • Your referral reward will be deducted from your next Internet connection bill. Only whole referral rewards will be deducted (no partial deduction), up to a maximum of the invoice amount. Referral rewards are not paid out. Extra referral rewards that have not been redeemed are transferred to your next invoice. Referral rewards not redeemed expire after two years.
  • Referrals must be new customers or not have received an Internet connection from Init7 in the last three years. Self referrals are invalid. Only orders with an activation date of "As soon as possible" are valid.
  • The Referral receives a one-time discount of CHF 111 on the hardware order. If the customer does not order hardware from Init7 or if it is a free loan hardware, the claim expires.
  • This promotion is valid for orders which have been received via www.init7.net until 31 December 2024.