Site Networking

Fast, secure and smooth data and communication transfer between sites is essential for the functioning of central business processes. We offer solutions to connect several company sites into one network, connect datacenters or centralise servers. You will enjoy highest network and service quality.

VLL (Virtual Leased Line)

IP data packets are assigned different labels, which enable routers to forward the packets very quickly and via the optimal route in the network. This can create a more stable and powerful type of connection.

Grafik Standortvernetzung

We connect company sites on different technologies securely, reliably and at fair conditions – regardless of the distance between the locations. The sites may be connected via FTTH, dark fiber or a datacenter. We offer bandwidths of 1 Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s and optional internet access.

The service requires a managed router, as the lighting of the optics is done by Init7.

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