Nothing but the very best will do

If our Fiber7 services are not available at your address (please use the Fiber Optic Check to find out), then one of these three Init7 services will most certainly be worth considering. But why on earth should you have to pay the same fixed price of CHF 64.75 a month for inferior performance?

The reason is quite simple: To us the cost is always the same for getting the maximum possible performance from the local infrastructure. And here is the really good bit: as soon as any kind of upgrade is possible for your address, we will get straight on with it.

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  • Fiber-optic Internet
  • 1/1 Gbit/sec (download/upload)
  • Incl. TV7
  • CHF 64.75/month with annual billing (CHF 777.-/year)
  • Setup fee: CHF 77


  • Fiber-optic Internet
  • P2MP: 10/10 Gbit/sec (download/upload)
  • P2P: 1/1 Gbit/sec (download/upload)
  • Incl. TV7
  • CHF 64.75/month with annual billing (CHF 777.-/year)
  • Setup fee: CHF 77

Please note that depending on the location, Hybrid7 is based on different network topologies (P2P or P2MP) and thus requires compatible hardware.


  • Copper cable (VDSL/FTTS)
  • Speed: depending on technical availability
  • Incl. TV7
  • CHF 64.75/month with annual billing (CHF 777.-/year)
  • No setup fee!

Option Zattoo TV

  • As an Init7 customer, from 01.10.2023 you benefit from the special price of CHF 111/year (CHF 9.25/month) for Zattoo Premium and of CHF 189/year (CHF 15.75/month) for Zattoo Ultimate TV. Simply add the streaming subscription in your lobby at
  • More info

Crossover7: almost like Fiber7 (1Gbps), but on the LiteXchange platform from Litecom. Crossover7 uses DHCP to address the IP addresses. This allows a fixed IPv4 address per port, but not a /29 subnet. IPv6 is supported. Please contact us directly by e-mail. Backhaul capacities can be overbooked (not everywhere has a 10 Gigabit link).

Hybrid7: 1 or 10 Gbit/s, based on Swisscom's BBCS platform.

Copper7: DSL & FTTS (Fiber-to-the-Street) (ADSL, VDSL, Vectoring or, G.Fast) based on copper line and the BBCS platform. The technically achievable bandwidth corresponds to that of the respective Swisscom offer at the outlet location. A static /48 IPv6 network is included free of charge for all Copper7 and Hybrid7 subscriptions.

Hybrid7 & Copper7 use PPPoE with radius to assign the IP addresses. This enables one or more fixed IPv4 addresses (/29 subnet), as well as IPv6 (/48).

IP addresses

The IPv4 address is part of our AS13030 backbone - not a Carrier-Grade-NAT address like with other providers.

A fixed IPv4 or a /29 subnet are available for an additional charge. A static IPv6 /48 network is included free of charge. The addressing is done via DHCPv6-PD prefix delegation.

Fixed IPv4 addresses are available at extra cost:

1 fixed IPv4 address

CHF 20.-/month (suitable for: Fiber7, Crossover7, Hybrid7, Copper7)

/29 IPv4 subnet

CHF 60.-/month (suitable for: Fiber7, Hybrid7, Copper7)

Optimal ping times, transparent routing and an open peering policy make Fiber7 the kind of internet offer there always should have been.