Fiber7 – Unrivalled peak performance

Fiber7 is an unlimited high-performance (upload and download) internet package for both private and business customers: 1 Gbit/sec download and 1 Gbit/sec upload. Speeds greater than this are not currently possible on the Swiss data network. Use our MaxFix checker to find out whether you can already take advantage of Fiber7 where you live.

The following technical criteria must be met to be able to take advantage of Fiber7: we already have more than 120 access points, known as «PoPs» (Point of Presence), throughout Switzerland. Fiber optic cables run from these PoPs to customers’ properties (BEP). The fiber optic is connected to the OTO plug (Optical Termination Outlet) inside the building. When necessary, the installation is carried out by a licensed electrician.

But even where Fiber7 is not yet available we can always produce the maximum for you that your local infrastructure can support. One of these offerings will certainly also be the best option for where you are.

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The OTO ID is a unique identification code on the OTO socket.

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Fibre-optic Internet Max: 1/1 Gbit/sec (download/upload)
Fixed tariff: CHF 64.75/month (CHF 777.–/year)
Setup fee: one-time CHF 155.–