Fiber7 - Unrivalled peak performance

Fiber7 is an unlimited high-performance (upload and download) internet package for both private and business customers: 1 Gbit/sec downstream and 1 Gbit/sec upstream unthrottled are reserved just for you, so you never suffer a band with bottleneck.

Fiber7 includes TV7 with 200 channels, 85 of which in HD, at no extra cost. Use our MaxFix checker to find out whether you can already take advantage of Fiber7 at your address.


Fibre-optic Internet
Max: 1/1 Gbit/sec (download/upload)
Fixed tariff: CHF 64.75/month with annual billing (CHF 777.-/year)
Setup fee: one-time CHF 155.-
Included free: TV7

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Fiber7 is the best internet available in the Swiss market for techies of all stripes, offering top value for money. Free choice of router obviously, such as the Turris Omnia or a Ubiquiti device, which work just as well as the well-known FRITZ!Box 5530.

The IPv4 address is part of our AS13030 backbone - not a Carrier-Grade-NAT address like with other providers. A fixed IPv4 or a /29 subnet are available for an additional charge. A static IPv6 /48 network is included free of charge. The addressing is done via DHCPv6-PD prefix delegation. Optimal ping times, transparent routing and an open peering policy make Fiber7 the kind of internet offer there always should have been.