Fiber7 – Unrivalled peak performance

Our Fiber7 services are high-performance (upload and download) internet packages for both private and business customers: Up to 25 Gbit/sec downstream and 25 Gbit/sec upstream unthrottled are reserved just for you.

Our Fiber7 services include TV7 with 200 channels, 85 of which in HD, at no extra cost.

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  • Fiber-optic Internet
  • 10/10 or 25/25 Gbit/sec (download/upload)
  • Incl. TV7
  • Fixed IPv4 addresses available (acitvate nerd mode for further information)
  • Setup fee*: one-time CHF 77 (10 Gbit/s) or CHF 222 (25 Gbit/s)
  • CHF 64.75/month with annual billing (CHF 777/year)

Option Zattoo TV

With Fiber7 from 01.10.2023 you will benefit from a special price of CHF 111/year (CHF 9.25/month) for Zattoo Premium and CHF 189/year (CHF 15.75/month) for Zattoo Ultimate TV. More info

For more information see our FAQ.

*The setup fee for 25 Gbit/s is higher because more expensive optics are used.

The IPv4 address is part of our AS13030 backbone - not a Carrier-Grade-NAT address like with other providers.

A fixed IPv4 or a /29 subnet are available for an additional charge. A static IPv6 /48 network is included free of charge. The addressing is done via DHCPv6-PD prefix delegation.

Fixed IPv4 addresses are available at extra cost:

1 fixed IPv4 address

CHF 20.-/month (suitable for: Fiber7, Crossover7, Hybrid7, Copper7)

/29 IPv4 subnet

CHF 60.-/month (suitable for: Fiber7, Hybrid7, Copper7)

Optimal ping times, transparent routing and an open peering policy make Fiber7 the kind of internet offer there always should have been.