BGP Multihoming

With BGP multihoming and engineering, we offer customised solutions for all companies that operate equipment at an Init7 PoP. The service aims to achieve a very high level of reliability by connecting to two internet backbones.

Advantages of BGP Multihoming

Through BGP Engineering, we offer you a redundant internet connection at an attractive all-inclusive price. Optionally, we take over the administrative process of RIPE membership and the application for your own IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Thanks to load balancing, you get more capacity on balance, as the traffic is distributed over two lines. Furthermore, thanks to this redundancy, an internet feed can fail at short notice without your internet connection being interrupted.

BGP Maintenance Subscription

We offer BGP engineering for your multihoming infrastructure as a subscription service. We monitor your BGP routers, manage your transit links (IPv4 and IPv6) and take care of the traffic engineering, taking into account the contractual bandwidth. If required, we also take care of updates for your devices.

Technische Implementation

We offer multihoming and engineering services to an increasing number of companies that consider a reliable and scalable internet connection to be business-critical. Our solution consists of a redundant internet connection with multihoming/dualhoming and load balancing. This allows our technicians to ensure that your content is delivered over multiple networks and that the single link is not overloaded.

Flexible Offer

We offer engineering services per hour, as a package for multihoming projects or as a monthly all-inclusive subscription for BGP maintenance.

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