Why choose Init7 as your internet provider?

Just in time for the 7th birthday of Fiber7, Init7 has once again shaken up the broadband market in May 2021: With 25/25 Gbit/sec (up/download), we offer our customers by far the fastest internet in Switzerland - at a sensational price-performance ratio.

We make no compromises: Broadband by Init7 is the Internet, the way it was always meant to be. Only the best is good enough: we provide the fastest possible speeds using fibre-optic technology, via Fiber7, Crossover7 and Hybrid7. Provision through copper cables is also available, via Copper7.

Fiber7-X2, Fiber7X, Fiber7: symmetric Internet (25, 10 or 1 Gbit/sec) - using FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) glass fiber the optical fibres - provided by various public utilities, energy suppliers and the ex-monopolist - and operated by our own infrastructure. There are no sub-suppliers on Fiber7 from Layer-2 onwards - the PoPs and infrastructures is built and operated by Init7. We focus on quality: Access switches from Cisco, optics from FlexOptix, every Fiber7 PoP is never overbooked and has a backhaul capacity of 100 Gigabit or more to our own IP backbone (AS13030) with thousands of peering connections along with cache servers from Akamai and Netflix - at Fiber7 everything is dimensioned so that Gigabit is not just a marketing label. Unfortunately, Fiber7 is not available everywhere, and therefore there are alternative products (from Layer-3 nothing from subcontractors):

Crossover7: almost like Fiber7 (1Gbps), but on the LiteXchange platform from Litecom. Crossover7 uses DHCP to address the IP addresses. This allows a fixed IPv4 address per port, but not a /29 subnet. IPv6 is supported. Please contact us directly by e-mail. Backhaul capacities can be overbooked (not everywhere has a 10 Gigabit link).

Hybrid7: a symmetric Gigabit fiber optic offering, based on Swisscom's BBCS platform.

Copper7: DSL & FTTS (Fiber-to-the-Street) (ADSL, VDSL, Vectoring or, G.Fast) based on copper line and the BBCS platform. The technically achievable bandwidth corresponds to that of the respective Swisscom offer at the outlet location. A static /48 IPv6 network is included free of charge for all Copper7 and Hybrid7 subscriptions.

Hybrid7 & Copper7 use PPPoE with radius to assign the IP addresses. This enables one or more fixed IPv4 addresses (/29 subnet), as well as IPv6 (/48).

Crossover7, Hybrid7 and Copper7 customers will be migrated to Fiber7 when possible (individual agreement).