IP Transit

A permanent, scalable high-availability internet connection for your content or for your private customers’ connections. We offer high performance at attractive prices at all Init7 PoPs worldwide.

Init7 operates the international IP backbone with AS number 13030 (autonomous system). It is connected to around 20 Internet Exchange Points. Direct interconnections are in place to more than 1000 networks (peering). This allows us to reach approximately 65% of the global routing table directly, ensuring optimum connectivity, latency, throughput and availability. The remaining approximate 35% of destinations are connected via globally distributed upstreams.

We deliver these transit services with guaranteed bandwidth (CDR) and without overbooking. The peering capacity of our backbone is being constantly expanded and adapted to meet current demand.

These services are included

  • Guaranteed bandwidth on redundant IP backbone (AS13030)
  • Flat rate or burstable rate, 100 Mbit/sec up to n* 10 Gbit/sec
  • Flexible upgrade options
  • BGP feed, full/partial table or static routing
  • Traffic statistics

Connection to our backbone requires you to have a presence at one of our PoPs via your equipment. As needed you can receive IP Transit as partial transit or for the full global routing table.

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