BGP Multihoming & BGP Engineering

Init7 Multihoming & Engineering are tailorable solutions for any enterprise operating equipment from an Init7 PoP. This service is designed to deliver a very high level of reliability through connection to two internet backbones.

Benefits of BGP Multihoming

BGP Engineering is a redundant internet connection we offer at an attractive flat rate. We can optionally take over the RIPE membership administrative process for you and applications for dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Load balancing affords you more bottom-line capacity, as traffic is distributed over two lines. This redundancy also means that a brief internet feed outage will not interrupt your internet connection.

BGP Maintenance Subscription

BGP Engineering for your Multihoming infrastructure is offered as a subscription service. We monitor your BGP router, manage your transit links (IPv4 and IPv6) and perform traffic engineering, taking into account the contractual bandwidth. We can also take care of updates for your equipment, as needed.

Technical implementation

We provide Multihoming & Engineering Services to the increasing number of enterprises which view a fail-safe, scalable internet connection as critical to their business. Our solution consists of a redundant internet connection with multihoming/dualhoming and load balancing. This is how our technicians ensure that your content is provided via multiple networks without overloading an individual link.

Flexible offering

We provide engineering services billable by the hour, as a package for multihoming projects and as an all-included monthly subscription for BGP Maintenance.