Questions about TV7 streams

Blog: Broadcast, unicast, multicast and anycast: Video transmission on the Internet (In German)

Which stream formats are possible with TV7?

Multicast - live via transport stream: With multicast, you can enjoy delay-free live television. The requirements are:

  • Fiber7 or Crossover7
  • Router: IGMP proxy and intermediate switches IGMP snooping configuration aid
  • TV: HDMI connection We recommend IGMPv2 for an optimal connection.

Unicast - Live via HLS streams: Unicast works independently of routers and switches within the Init7 network. With unicast broadcasting, there is a delay of a few seconds compared to multicast. Prerequisites are:

  • Fiber7, Crossover7, Hybrid7, Copper7
  • TV: HDMI connection

Multicast Unicast consumption via playlists

To receive unicast or multicast streams, the respective playlist must be integrated into the selected media player. To receive multicast streams, the router requirements must also be met.