TV7 Hardware

Use the convenient Apple TV to receive TV7, replacing the TV7 set-top box you have been using. Your router sends the TV7 multicast signal to your Apple TV Box via Ethernet cable for a top-quality picture that is absolutely delay-free and brilliancy-optimised by the free TV7 app. Such uncompromising quality is simply not possible via WLAN.

Your choice of router

You choose which router you prefer to use. However, we recommend the Fritzbox for best results and a crystal-clear TV picture. The convenient functionalities include a timer you can use to regulate your children's internet and TV usage when bedtime rolls around.

Apple TV

Apple TV

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Android TV

Android TV

Android TV is already integrated in all Sony TVs from 2015 and in Sony Arquos TVs or simply connect an Nvidia Shield to your TV.

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