TV7 – Brilliant TV free from image freeze

TV7 lets you enjoy TV free from any delay and with razor-sharp picture and sound quality. TV7 is only available in combination with Fiber7 and Crossover7. The additional monthly charge for the new pleasure of watching TV in this way is a mere CHF 27.75.

  • 215 TV channels, of which over 85 are HD
  • Menu and TV guide
  • 7-day replay
  • Live pause and fast forward

Ongoing development

TV7 is viewed via an attractively designed settop box with an HDMI connection, making it compatible with all common TV sets. You can currently view 215 channels, of which 85 are in HD. The number of channels is increasing all the time. The number of channels offering a replay facility is also constantly growing. It is possible to connect more than one settop box to a single connection, and there is no additional charge for this on top of the regular monthly tariff.

State-of-the-art technology

TV7 is based on multicast technology. The advantage: your TV signal will arrive with no delay whatsoever, whilst conventional IP-TV transmissions often limp in with a delay of up to two minutes. That unwelcome experience of hearing your neighbours yelling «GOOOAAAL» when the striker on your box hasn’t even started his run yet is a thing of the past.

Another bonus is that TV7 does not compress the TV signal between the source and the viewer: an HD stream uses up to 15 Mbit/sec of bandwidth, which your Fiber7 connection can provide all day long. This results in considerably enhanced picture quality.


For additional CHF 27.75/month
Only possible in combination with Fiber7 or Crossover7.
A settop box and the accompanying remote control are included with TV7.