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Why choose television by Init7?

Prefer TV7 or IPTV over OTT? Or do you prefer Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Television is no longer what it used to be. Watching whatever is on TV at the time was yesterday. According to the latest figures, people under 30 watch no more than an hour of TV at a time on a daily basis. Consequently, more and more full HD video streams frequently overload cables that are far too narrow to cope. However, with Fiber7, online TV and videos always run smoothly regardless of their source. We don't hinder the Internet TV of other providers - in fact, the opposite. We work in conjunction with content providers in order to ensure the best quality during prime time.

Our own service, TV7, supports multicast (with no picture lag), and naturally we look forward to you choosing us.

Teleboy, Wilmaa, Zattoo… all are supported

If you would prefer an OTT (over-the-top content) service from Teleboy, Wilmaa or Zattoo, that is also possible. There are optimal interfaces for all three providers. Needless to say, VoD (Video-on-Demand) services also run at top quality. Init7 has operated its own Netflix cache-server since it first came to Switzerland. Furthermore, there is dedicated connection capacity to Amazon, Apple, Google, YouTube and many more.

What you watch and how long you watch for is no concern at all to us as an Internet provider. All we care about is delivering the best possible video transmission. Compare Init7 against the others!