Init7 - the only provider with the MaxFix guarantee

Wherever you are Init7 offers you the maximum performance possible from today's technology at a fixed price that is virtually rock bottom. The Internet packages we provide are unrestricted and not artificially regulated. We always provide the absolute maximum. We call this our MaxFix guarantee. Even for a symmetrical 25 Gbit/sec connection the fixed price is no more than CHF 64.75/month. Use the adjacent MaxFix checker to check the maximum speed that can be provided to your address.

We like new technology, therefore you get a static /48 IPv6 network for free with every new connection.

With Fiber7-X2, Fiber7-X, Fiber7, Hybrid7 and Copper7 the /48-IPv6 network is automatically assigned. For Crossover7 we ask you to directly contact us by e-mail for configuration. Options:

1 fixed IPv4 address

(suitable for: Fiber7-X2, Fiber7-X, Fiber7, Crossover7, Hybrid7, Copper7) CHF 20.-/month

8 fixed IPv4 addresses

Five of the eight fixed IPv4 addresses are available /29 subnet
(suitable for: Fiber7-X2, Fiber7-X, Fiber7, Hybrid7, Copper7) CHF 60.-/month