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Init7 – the only provider with the MaxFix guarantee

Wherever you are Init7 offers you the maximum performance possible from today's technology at a fixed price that is virtually rock bottom. The Internet packages we provide are unrestricted and not artificially regulated. We always provide the absolute maximum. We call this our MaxFix guarantee. Even for a symmetrical 1 Gbit/sec connection the fixed price is no more than CHF 64.75/month. Use the adjacent MaxFix checker to check the maximum speed that can be provided to your address.


With Fiber7 you can enjoy the fastest connection technology of all. Provided you have the recommended hardware installed, we can guarantee a bandwidth of 1/1 Gbit/sec for just CHF 777.– a year. No image shake, no stuttering, no compromises – the Internet as it should have been all along. You can also enjoy TV7 via Apple TV for free.


Comes a very close second to Fiber7, but runs on a different infrastructure. This means that you can also enjoy a nominal speed of 1/1 Gbit/sec. The only proviso is that we can't guarantee this maximum performance. Capacity management is the responsibility of a partner company, with whom our technical infrastructure is linked. You, on the other hand, are guaranteed to derive a great deal of pleasure from this exceptional speed. You can also enjoy TV7 via Apple TV for free.


Symmetrical internet speed of 1/1 Gbit/sec. This means you surf massively faster than the Swiss average. And that should put a smile on your face. With Hybrid7 you can also enjoy TV7 via Apple TV for free.


FTTS – Fiber to the street. Unfortunately the last meters to your home are in classic copper cables. The bandwidth depends always on the technical availability. You can also enjoy TV7 via Apple TV for free.


1 fixed IPv4-address
(suitable for: Fiber7, Crossover7, Hybrid7, Copper7) CHF 20.–/month

8 fixed Ipv4-addresses
Five of the eight fixed IPv4 addresses are available /29 subnet
(suitable for: Fiber7, Hybrid7, Copper7) CHF 60.–/month

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