Apple tvOS TV7 App (BETA)

The next BETA version of the updated TV7 app for Apple TV is now available for you on TestFlight. This is the second major version of the TV7 app for Apple TV which may contain a few remaining bugs.

We encourage you to download the TV7 Beta App and test it extensively and give us feedback. This will help us to have a better and bug-free app for you soon.

New Functions of the TV7 App (Beta)

  • Fast forward and rewind in replay mode
  • Remote controls from third-parties are now supported

Already known issues

  • Subtitles/audio channel cannot be selected
  • Zapping from one station to another is not possible - use the menu
  • Program doesn't automatically resume with replay as before exiting the app (but will resume LIVE on the same channel)
  • Menus do not close automatically

Please note

  • TV7 requires an Init7 broadband subscription
  • TV7 is compatible with Apple TV boxes (4th and 5th generation)
  • The multicast function is only available with Fiber7 or Crossover7 and requires IGMP proxy support on the router and an Ethernet connection
  • No support is provided for BETA software


Please send us your feedback regarding the functionality of the TV7 App to our TV7 Team. We are looking forward to hearing from you!