Best fibre optic internet & high-definition TV

Init7 is a Swiss provider of broadband Internet, Internet TV, data centre and engineering services. The company, which was entered into the commercial register on 19 January 2000 and has its registered office in Winterthur near Zurich, is wholly privately owned. Init7 is one of the technological leaders among Swiss Internet providers, with its own backbone comprising around 8000 bilateral peering sessions at present.

As an Init7 customer with a fibre-optic connection, you benefit from the fastest Internet in Switzerland: 25 Gbit/sec download and 25 Gbit/sec upload. If you combine your Internet subscription with TV7, Init7’s TV service, you will enjoy smooth high-definition television with no latency (delay). The service currently includes 200 TV channels, 85 of which are in full HD quality. Init7 also provides other video-on-demand and streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Teleboy, Zattoo and Wilmaa with full, unrestricted performance.