What costs are involved?

One time charges

  • Optional hardware costs (+ shipping fee CHF 15.- incl. VAT)
  • Setup fee:
    • Fiber7 25 Gbit/s: CHF 222.- incl. VAT
    • Fiber7 10 Gbit/s: CHF 77.- incl. VAT
    • Easy7, Crossover7, Hybrid7: CHF 77.- incl. VAT
    • Copper7: No setup fee

The installation of Copper7 may incur additional costs if an electrician has to be called out. If an electrician is required, we will inform you.

Recurring charges

  • Annual charges of CHF 777.- incl. VAT or twelve monthly charges of CHF 69.- incl. VAT
  • 4x Optional one or more fixed IPv4 addresses