How do I cancel my contract with my existing internet provider?

If you are switching to Init7, you should first cancel your contract with your existing internet provider (unless you want two connections).

These are the things to bear in mind when cancelling your contract

  • any minimum contract period
  • any period of notice
  • The notice of cancellation must be sent via a channel accepted by the existing internet provider (e.g. by registered letter).
  • The written notice of cancellation must contain the following information: surname and first name of the contract holder, address, customer number, desired cancellation date.
  • You might want to use a template from the internet.
  • Ask for confirmation of the cancellation.
  • Make sure that the cancellation is confirmed in writing within a reasonable period of time.

How to cancel with the most popular providers

UPC / Sunrise / Salt

These companies accept only cancellations by telephone or in customer chat. It is recommended to submit the cancellation via chat, as the chat transcript is valid as proof in case of doubt.


Swisscom accepts cancellations by registered mail, by telephone or by chat. The address for giving notice by registered mail:

Swisscom AG
Alte Tiefenaustr. 6
3050 Bern

If you have mobile phone contracts with Swisscom that you would like to continue using, you should state this as precisely as possible, even though separate customer numbers are usually used for these contracts. Cancellation by phone or chat is particularly recommended if you have several contracts with Swisscom.


Wingo states letter as the only way to cancel - at least for internet products. Here, too, it is important to send a registered letter. Send your cancellation to:

Contact Center
3050 Bern