Can SRG channels be received in Full HD?

The SRG channels cannot currently be received in Full HD via Unicast. In Multicast, the channels are available in Full HD (1920x1080). However, the signal is delivered in HEVC format. Thus, the quality in the TV7 app is not guaranteed on all devices. For this reason, this signal will not be included in the TV7 app.

Nevertheless, the HEVC signals can be obtained directly from the Init7 network "at your own risk" (no support from Init7).

Top quality high speed signal!

The multicast addresses are:

SRF1: udp://@
SRF zwei: udp://@
SRF Info: udp://@
RTS un: udp://@
RTS deux: udp://@
RSI La1: udp://@
RTS La2: udp://@

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