What are the differences between Easy7 and Fiber7?

Both Easy7 and Fiber7 are based on our own infrastructure. The two services differ primarily in terms of router selection and network design.


  • 1/1 Gbit/s (upload/download)
  • Loan router incl. (must be returned upon termination)
  • Only compatible with supplied router (no free choice of router)
  • No TV7
  • Fixed IPv4 addresses not available
  • End-to-end communication (port forwarding) not possible
  • Setup fee: one-time CHF 77
  • CHF 48.08/month with yearly billing (CHF 577/year)


  • 1/1, 10/10 or 25/25 Gbit/s (upload/download)
  • No router included
  • Router does not have to be purchased from Init7 (free choice of router)
  • TV7 incl.
  • Fixed IPv4 addresses available for an additional charge
  • Setup fee: one-time CHF 77 (10 Gbit/s) or CHF 222 (25 Gbit/s)
  • CHF 64.75/month with yearly billing (CHF 777/year)

All info on Easy7 and Fiber7

In the following factsheet you can find all the differences between Easy7 and Fiber7 at a glance.