What is TV, what is TV?

What is TV, what is TV7?

TV7 or IP TV via OTT? Or would you prefer Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and co. Television is no longer what it used to be! Traditional linear live TV use has shifted to non-linear use of audiovisual content, from broadcast TV to individual consumption of audiovisual content.

Blog: How internet technology changed the TV market (in German)

Despite everything, free TV live is still a basic need and still creates a “communal” experience, the campfire effect, especially at major events.

TV7 is “Simply Broadcast Live TV”!

Unencrypted multicast and HLS TV streams for consumption within theInit7 network.

  • Over 100 channels in German, French, Italian and English for TV consumption in the TV7 app for Android TV and Apple TV, multicast or HLS.
  • Over 100 channels as an HLS playlist and over 200 channels as a multicast playlist for TV consumption in media players of your choice.

OTT TV/replay TV/media libraries?

OTT TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and co., online TV and videos run via Fiber7 smoothly, no matter what source they come from. We do not slow down Internet TV from other providers - on the contrary. We work together with the content providers to guarantee the best quality, even in prime time. You choose your favorite provider, we offer you the optimal network with dedicated connection capacities and our own cache servers.

You want the best Replay IPTV/OTT TV, TV “Anytime, Anyway, Anydevice”; here Init7 can offer its customers the interesting Zattoo TV products at a special price.