What is Init7’s stance on net neutrality?

Init7 is a staunch supporter of unrestricted net neutrality. We believe that it is not the internet service provider’s job to influence the data traffic of its customers, whether for commercial or technological purposes. That is why Init7 advocates for enshrining net neutrality in law. Yet even in the absence of any statute, our infrastructure is already operated according to the principles of net neutrality, i.e. without favouring specific classes of traffic, zero-rating or blocking or throttling specific websites and online content.

We consider the self-regulation code of other internet service providers in Switzerland to be insufficient. And not only that - it is dangerous. It fails to recognise the issue for what it is and suggests that net-neutral behaviour can be squared with the commercial interests of these ISPs. We believe that this is not possible and consider the self-regulation code to be an attempt to pull the wool over the public’s eyes and obfuscate the issue.

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