Question about the TV7 app

What are the requirements for the TV7 app?

All our Fiber7-, Crossover7, Hybrid7 and Copper7 customers can benefit from our TV7 app and zap through over 100 channels. This requires an active Internet subscription from Init7 Fiber7 (incl. Multicast), Copper7, Hybrid7, Crossover7 (HLS only) and an Apple TV or Android TV end device (Smart TV). You must download and install the TV7 app in the respective app stores. After that, no further login is required; all you need to do is connect your Apple TV or Android TV to the Init7 Internet. With the TV7 streams in the TV7 app, you can enjoy picture- and sound-sharp television in multicast or unicast format. Our TV7 is not available for Easy7 subscriptions.

On which platforms and devices does the TV7 app work?

The TV7 app works on all devices with Apple TV and Android TV operating systems. The TV streams are forwarded unencrypted and unaltered, which also places increased demands on hardware power due to the different codecs. This means that older and less powerful devices may have problems decoding individual streams.

Where can I get the TV7 app?

The TV7 app can be downloaded directly on your TV/“TV box” from the App Stores for Apple TV and the Google Play Store for Android TV. TV7 App for Apple TV: Apple TV devices from the 4th generation (Apple TV HD) support the TV7 app with the current tvOS version. Older versions are not compatible. For optimum TV reception, even with multicast, we recommend a device with an Ethernet connection.

TV7 app for Android TV: The TV7 app is generally supported by all Android TVs and boxes from Android TV 7.0, the unencrypted streaming of TV7 also requires a basic performance of the device for smooth streaming, which is not always guaranteed for Full HD streaming on older devices.

How does unicast/multicast switching work in the TV7 app?

Apple TV:

System settings Apple TV: Multicast must be activated/deactivated under “Settings” -> “Apps” -> “TV7” (cannot be deactivated directly in the TV7 app)

Android TV:

System settings Android TV: default setting is unicast, multicast must be activated via the settings in the TV7 App menu.