Which transmission types do the TV streams work with?

TV7 streams

TV7 transmits its streams both as multicast and point-to-point and with a slight time delay in the form of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

  • HLS works in your home without any special settings, both via wired Ethernet and WLAN.

  • To receive the multicast streams, an IGMP proxy must be activated on your router. In addition, the reception of multicast streams via WLAN may require special settings on your access point. We therefore recommend wired Ethernet for multicast streaming - we cannot guarantee multicast streaming via WLAN.

Rules for multicast streaming

root@firewall:~ # cat /etc/igmpproxy.conf

##  Disable quickleave mode. ##

#  quickleave

phyint wan upstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1


phyint lan downstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1

phyint wlan disabled

# A firewall must allow the multicast signal to pass through the router: WAN interface incoming: 

allow IGMPv2

allow UDP SrcIP Port ANY DstIP port 5000  # legacy TV7 MCast streams

allow UDP SrcIP Port ANY DstIP port 5000 # new TV7 MCast streams