Which Android TV devices and systems support TV7?

You can now watch TV7 also with Android TV; the TV7 set-top box used up to now is no longer necessary. Your router delivers the multicast signal from TV7 via Ethernet cable in top quality absolutely delay-free to your Android TV, where our free TV7 app takes care of the most brilliant display. This uncompromising quality is unfortunately not possible via WLAN.

The following devices have been tested by Init7 with the TV7 app:

  • Philips 32PFS6402/12
  • Philips 4K LED TV powered by Android (Philips 49PUS8303/12)
  • Sony BRAVIA 4K GB ATV3 (Sony KD43XG8096)
  • NVIDIA Shield TV (2017 & 2019)
  • NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019)
  • Xiaomi MI Box S (Attention: Ethernet port not available, an adapter must be purchased).

The TV7 app is supported by all Android TVs and boxes from Android 7.0 onwards.