On which devices can I watch TV7?

TV7 can be downloaded and watched on Apple TV and Android TV. Click the links below to learn more about TV7 compatibility on Apple TV or Android TV.

Provided all involved networking devices support Multicast and IGMP, you may use any software and Set-Top-Box to your liking. Such as VLC on a computer. A VLC playlist with all TV7 channels and the multicast addresses is provided for this under the following link:

You now have the following options:

  • You open the URL directly from within VLC (Open -> Network and then paste the URL from the above link), so you always have the latest updated channel list.
  • Download the file to your computer and open it in VLC.
  • Download the file to your computer and open it in a text editor to search for the respective multicast addresses of channels to use with another box or program that does not support XSPF playlists.

Please note that the multicast addresses of individual stations or the station lineup may change. We therefore recommend option 1.

Free choice of router

You are free to choose your router. For the highest possible performance for a crystal-clear TV picture, we recommend the Fritzbox. Among many other comfort functions, it also offers, for example, the timer function, so that you can prevent Internet and TV use on the devices of your youngsters at bedtime.