What are the requirements for the TV7 app?

All our customers can benefit from our TV7 app and watch 200 channels.

The prerequisite for this is an active Init7 Internet subscription. You do not need to log in to the TV7 app, but connect either your Apple TV or Android TV to the Init7 Internet.

TV7 allows you to enjoy high quality television including 7-day replay function in multicast or unicast format.

Multicast - Live

With Multicast you can enjoy delay free live television.

  • Fiber7 or Crossover7
  • Router: IGMP proxy and switches in between IGMP Snooping Configuration help
  • TV: HDMI connection

We recommend using a 100Mbps connection (also known as Fast-Ethernet). Please configure your router appropriately or use a 4-wire Ethernet cable.

For an optimal connection we also recommend IGMPv2.

Unicast - Live and Replay via HLS

With Unicast, there is delay of a few seconds compared to Multicast.

  • Fiber7, Crossover7, Hybrid7, Copper7
  • TV: HDMI connection

System settings on Apple TV: You may switch between multicast/HLS by toggling the Multicast-setting under „Settings" -> „Apps" -> „TV7" (can not be disabled in the TV7 App).

System settings on Android TV: The default setting is unicast, multicast must be activated via settings in the menu.

All further requirements for Apple TV and Android TV please consult the individual FAQ section.